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Can-Am Ryker 900

Can-Am Ryker 900 Rental

  • Drivers License (25+ yrs old)
  • Car Insurance (full coverage)
  • Cannot exceed 275 lbs per seat
  • Additional insurance upgrade options available

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Can-Am Ryker 900 Rental Las Vegas by VSSR

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Can-Am Ryker 900 for Rent in Las Vegas

Imaging cruising through Las Vegas on a sexy Can-Am Ryker. This three wheel motorcycle will provide you suspense day or night with the most exciting riding experience you ever had. You want to do something Epic in Las Vegas? The Ryker 900 for rent at Las Vegas Scooters and Slingshots will provide you thrills that you will never forgot.  The three wheel motorcycle is powerful   but safe so you can cruise in style on this beast.

*Cannot exceed the 300 pound weight limit combined


*Must be 25 years of age with valid driver’s license

*Cannot exceed 275 lbs per seat

*All Polaris Slingshots are stick shift

*Automatic Slingshot and 4 Seater Stick Shift Slingshot and 4 Seater Automatic Slingshot options available for additional cost.

*Deposit of $500 required (credit or debit card). Deposit return takes 1 – 10 business days. If you need any more information about your deposit return please email vssrinformation@gmail.com.

  • Automatic
  • Front fenders with integrated LED lights
  • Dual USB port
  • Glove Box
  • Adaptive foam waterproof seat
  • Traction Control System
  • Digital Encoded Security System
  • 4.5″ digital display
  • Safety